We were one of the first agencies to provide Accessible PDFs to the Government of Canada and, as an industry leader, our products meet the highest standards and allow for proper accessibility of documents for persons with a broad range of challenges and preferences.

The best part of Accessible PDFs is that the look of your document does not have to change – visually your documents will still look great, while remaining accessible to all users.

Our Accessible PDF documents include:

  • bookmarks that allow for easy navigation through the various sections of the document
  • proper structure & heading tags to facilitate browsing the PDF in a logical order
  • images & graphics that have accurate descriptions to provide the appropriate information to people with visual impairments
  • digital specifications and proper coding to allow screen-reading software to understand and “read” the content
  • comprehensive form controls to allow for easy interaction with forms in the document
  • standardized data tables to allow for easy comprehension of relationships in the data
  • coding and formatting that adhere to the Standards on Web Accessibility (WCAG guidelines)